For Observers

If you are here, chances are that you are intending to become an observer. In order to become an observer, you need not know much about scrabble. You just need to have a keen eye to be able to observe and detect any behaviour or activity that does not meet the permissible parameters decided for a particular tournament. You anchor throughout the observation process will either be the Tournament Director or the Organiser of the particular event and you will be supported by fellow observers, in case you have doubts during an event, by interacting through group chat on a pre-decided app/ platform/. The videos given below, if followed step by step, will get you installed and running. For newbie observer, the videos need to be watched in the order in which they are listed. For anyone who is already an observer and need to refresh yourself quickly, just tap on the section you want to see.


1. Downloading & Installing OBS Ninja

The software which the players use for streaming and the observers use to receive the streams is OBS Ninja. The first step is quite an obvious one- you need to download it before installing. However, here are some things we learnt from my experience on Windows OS and you are free to experiment and help us improve with your feedback:

a) If you have a 64-bit system - Just freely download the latest version from Download | OBS (

b) If you have a 32-bit system - We suggest you avoid a higher version and stick to 24.0.3 which you can get from Release OBS Studio 24.0.3 · obsproject/obs-studio · GitHub . Chose the one with x86 at the end

c) systems that are pre-Win 8 will not take OBS Ninja at all.

import profile and scenes.wmv

2. Installing Profile and Scene Collection

  1. Download the basic configuration file - right click and save from here Basic.ini

  2. Download Scrabble_toruneys.json file for scene collection setup - right click and save target from here Scrabble_Tourney.json

  3. Note which folder both downloaded in

  4. Follow instructions in video

Coming Soon....

3. Understanding the streams and how to receive in above setup

4. Tricks & troubleshooting